LRC Services

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Subscription Service Options:


Enterprise - 4 Tier Administration:

  1. Master Entity
  2. Administrator
  3. Employer
  4. Individual

Administrator - 3 Tier Administration:

  1. Administrator
  2. Employer
  3. Individual

Employer - 2 Tier Administration:

  1. Employer 
  2. Individual

Individual - Single Use License

Our Merchant account allows for management of a Master Entity that has Entities (White Label) using their services. Each entity then has their Employer customer and then their employees. New customers can be added in each tier by the customer and updated based on the active user licenses in each tier. New additions and terminations will be tracked and billed accordingly by the software.


"Next Generation Financial Wellness"

A methodology that proves how to accomplish financial goals by adjusting lifestyle choices.



PO Box 531778, CINCINNATI, OH 45253      513.720.4400      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Solving the need for Financial Wellness - better education is our primary goal. Businesses are perfectly positioned to educate, inspire and motivate employees. Help employees understand that a proactive effort is required to start shifting unhealthy spending to achieving financial goals. By devoting time to spend on themselves, employees can begin to make smarter decisions that will put them on the path to a healthy and secure retirement. Lifestyle Risk Calculator encourages people to think about the goals they want to achieve and develop a plan to get there and achieve success. Once you know where you stand you can identify opportunities to improve.

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