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Financial Wellness Calculator

Method that proves how to accomplish
Financial goals by adjusting lifestyle choices

About Calculator

Who Benefits

Employees benefit by recognizing the cost of their unhealthy behaviors, then applying those dollars to financial and personal goals. The employee and employer reduce financial stress.


Is simple to use and understand the application. An enlightening tool that reallocates misplaced spending, educates on lifestyle improvement for better health and wealth.


We integrate with health risk assessments, wellness plans, health plans, retirement plans, and more. Users are able to access this whenever and wherever they are.


The Lifestyle Risk Calculator presents a "Crystal Ball" of new personal financial reality. Educating the user on how to manage their lifestyle in a way that works.

Top Financial Goals and Stresses that

the Lifestyle Risk Calculator Targets

LRC Pyramid

Weight Management

Be in control of your eating behavior and how much is being spent on food and drink costs. Overspending on consumption costs can have a significant long-term impact on finances. 

Funding Retirement

Move spending from unhealthy behaviors to achieving financial goals. The best approach to financial success is to illustrate the financial goal and apply the "bad" spend towards goal achievement! 

Third-Party Administrators

Provide an easy tool for employees to use that not only helps them achieve Financial Wellness but also educates them on how bad behavior drives progression toward chronic disease.  

Wellness Vendors

The Lifestyle Risk Calculator presents a "Crystal Ball" of financial wellness. Allowing the user to clearly see where their money is currently allocated and how small changes can make lasting impacts to their short and long-term goals. 

"Next Generation Financial Wellness"

A methodology that proves how to accomplish financial goals by adjusting lifestyle choices.



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Solving the need for Financial Wellness - better education is our primary goal. Businesses are perfectly positioned to educate, inspire and motivate employees. Help employees understand that a proactive effort is required to start shifting unhealthy spending to achieving financial goals. By devoting time to spend on themselves, employees can begin to make smarter decisions that will put them on the path to a healthy and secure retirement. Lifestyle Risk Calculator encourages people to think about the goals they want to achieve and develop a plan to get there and achieve success. Once you know where you stand you can identify opportunities to improve.

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