• Financial Wellness

    Lifestyle Risk Calculator shows how much money is spent on destructive behavior and the effect this has on retirement savings.

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  • Behaviors Drive Health

    Behavior or lifestyle determines your quality of life as you get older. Both financial and clinical realities are shaped by how you live your life.

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  • Increase Your Savings

    Health 2 Wealth. Move spending from unhealthy behavior to retirement savings. Unhealthy behavior causes 80% of healthcare need.

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Wellness Vendors

Benefit from an increase in member engagement, easy to integrate with wellness deliverable.

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Weight Management

A powerful app that assists companies that help people lose weight. Improve the education your customer's need.

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Retirement Planning

The best approach to accomplish health-to-wealth. Best Financial Wellness tool "Continuity of Life"

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Health Plan Administrators

Differentiate your business, improve engagement and education for all members.

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Lifestyle Risk Calculator developed in 2012, created from over 38 years of working in healthcare benefits management.


  • Lifestyle Risk Calculator
    A comprehensive, simple to use interface, providing you with a crystal ball of your health to wealth plan.
  • "Health 2 Wealth Solution"
    An output page with a breakdown of behaviors and their effect on lifestyle choices.

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Want to ask a technical question about Lifestyle Risk Calculator? Want to sign up for a live webinar of our services? Want to integrate Lifestyle Risk Calculator into your products and services? Then please contact us and we will take it from there!

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