“The Healthy Student” version of the Lifestyle Risk Calculator becomes a significant asset to the university. Graduates are recognized as healthy high performing talent to an employer. The university is recognized as an institution of excellence when it comes to producing low health risk new employees. The entire program can be monetized by the university, producing 200:1+ ROI! The university can offer the “Healthy Student” program as a “Stand Alone” 3 year course or in conjunction with their Student Health and Wellness benefit that requires a participation fee to be paid annually to the university.

Introducing the “Healthy Student” app to a university can be accomplished by the chapter through the university’s student wellness program. The calculator can be introduced through “Active” alumnus through their relationships with the President, Athletic Boosters, and Alumni University Fund raising boards and so on. Sigma Chi’s only obligation will be to introduce and set up a 45 minute webinar for Lifestyle Risk Calculator to deliver the presentation.

The Foundation can introduce the “Lifestyle Risk Calculator” to Alumni employers to be offered in conjunction with their employee benefit plans (health, wellness and retirement). This is what we do every day in our business model.

The Foundation can introduce the calculator to the entire Greek System for distribution with any financial arrangement you create. Lifestyle Risk Calculator will deliver all presentations, implementations, custom branding & configurations, service, management and renewals.
Sigma Chi could choose to offer this program uniquely through the organization, to our chapters only. This would be a part of an initiative to address culture change solely within our own organization. This would not be a revenue share and could be delivered at a cost of $5.00 per active member per year. The calculator could be modified to fit Sigma Chi’s national culture change initiatives.

We will offer both versions of the calculator to Sigma Chi to monetize in any way you see fit and appropriate. The “Lifestyle Risk Calculator” addresses 2 of the Nation’s critical issues – “The Healthcare Crisis” and “The Retirement Crisis.” We address the number one problem with university students and the Greek System, bad behavior and the need for “culture” change. The “Lifestyle Risk Calculator” identifies the “root” cause of crisis, unhealthy behavior and bad behavior.

The potential fund raising from the “Lifestyle Risk Calculator” is significant. I will grant a 50% - 50% revenue share from the gross final sale price to the university or any other entity. 10,000 enrolled students x $20.00 = $200,000.00 x 50 % = $100,000.00 for every year the contract is renewed.


  • University purchases “Lifestyle Risk Calculator” at a purchase price of $20.00 per student per year; Sigma Chi will receive $10.00 per student per year the university enrolls
  • Employer or other entity purchases ‘Lifestyle Risk Calculator” for all of their employees at $10.00 per employee per year: Sigma Chi will receive $5.00 per employee per year that the employer enrolls

Sigma Chi can use the funds/donation however we agree it should be identified and can distribution in any way it desires – funding for National Fraternity, Charitable Donations, Chapter and/or Scholarships.

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