Benefit from an increase in member engagement with the "Lifestyle Risk Calculator." Our Lifestyle Risk Calculator can be matched to your health plan incentives, qualified retirement plan fund matching, HRA, HSA and more. Wellness is an ongoing issue in the corporate world. Most of Americans work in jobs that involve sitting at a desk all day, having little to no physical activity. Obesity rates are continually increasing causing a number of chronic diseases that could have been prevented. Healthcare spending is also increasing, allowing for plenty of treatment, but what about the prevention??

Lifestyle Risk Calculator is able to break down a persons' lifestyle in terms of financial, biometric, sleep habits, dental habits, activity rate, and unhealthy behaviors. By breaking down each section, we are able to associate a cost of lost savings. Whether it be not investing in the 401(k) and taking advantage of employer matching, or excess amount of money needed to maintain extra weight, or smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for a total of 30 years, and more! By identifying these unhealthy lifestyle habits, the Lifestyle Risk Calculator converts the money into pre-tax dollars and implements into a saving account that can be used to pay off credit card debt, school loans, retirement funds, and more.

The Lifestyle Risk Calculator presents a "Crystal Ball" of retirement reality. Health 2 Wealth planning. The interactive nature of the Lifestyle Risk Calculator is engaging and creates interest. When combined with wellness plan incentives, new outcomes are achieved!

Take control of your life -- Stop feeding chronic disease -- Discover your greatest self

  • Health to wealth plan of action
  • Behaviors drive producitivity & success
  • Unhealthy behavior causes 80% of healthcare need
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