Employers benefit from engagement and education.

Increasing healthcare cost along with productivity losses driven by chronic illness is out of control. 

Employers benefit from the added functionality of the Lifestyle Risk Calculator in their wellness, health, and retirement benefit plans. We correlate behavior to lost retirement savings. Our Lifestyle Risk Calculator, when integrated with biometric modeling, will illustrate a better "State of Health." Members will better understand how their behavior/lifestyle determines their future "State of Health." This is a more effective approach than providing health scorecards. By creating a more health and wealth focused atmosphere, employees will feel encouraged to engage. By engaging, they will be educated, financially and clinically. By taking the necessary steps to reallocate funds and, therefore, getting rid of unhealthy behaviors, financial wellness will not only be achieved but health and wellness will improve. By improving health and quitting unhealthy behaviors, healthcare costs will decrease because the need will decrease, in turn, allowing the employer to save money on healthcare costs per employee. Allowing for a healthier and wealthier future to look forward to.

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